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Dealing with advertising and marketing.
Trend forecasting has evolved as a result of social change, which has inspired new concepts within consumer behaviour and lifestyle trends.
Design & Inspiration
Everyone is following trends on the internet and curating their own self-image today. Let’s call it "our digital self". pepperUp is of course very inspired by bloggers, street shots and viral phenomena on the internet, but we also bring as forecasters a unique take on trends with another point of view, one that’s adventurous and exciting and to always think as influencers, not followers.
Fashion comes in waves, and the next circuit of fashion inspiration may see a throwback to other ages what makes trend forecasting much like archaeology to the future.
So for trend experts forecasters, this is an exciting challenge.
Retail Intelligence
Committed to crafting a compelling brand narrative, we uphold the standard of producing top-notch content and providing customised solutions for every one of our customers, whether it's a social media account management, documentary short film, visual identity, or promotional video. We put a great deal of passion into every project that is given to us, putting our strong belief in creativity and quality into every solution we implement. We are excited to work with our clients to create distinctive visual identities and memorable brand images that will stand out in the fast-paced, constantly-changing world by utilising our solid skills and wealth of experience. This section features in-depth analyses of retail, merchandising, marketing, and sourcing methods in addition to the latest headlines. Compiling data over time is a constant endeavour to identify a trend.